Take a look at the invited athlete list so far for X Games Real Moto 2019

X Games Real Moto 2019 is fast approaching. The 2019 line-up is already looking strong and if last years videos were anything to go by, this years pro video moto contest should be insane.

Created as a forum for some of the world’s best riders and filmers to compete in the X Games on their own terms, the 2019 Real Series brings together the worlds of competitive action sports and core video parts for five video-based competitions: Ski, Snowboard, Street, BMX and Moto. Now in its tenth year, the Real Series will feature past Real Series winners and Fan Favorites, X Games medalists and up-and-coming riders from around the world.

X Games Real Moto Videos drop on: September 11 2019
ABC’s World of X Games broadcast: September 21 2019

Real Moto 2019 Invited Athletes

Axell Hodges/TBD
Colby Raha/TBD
Jarryd McNeil/TBD
Kris Foster/TBD

2018 X Games Real Moto Recap

Photo credit: Max Mandell