Out of all the parts on a motocross bike, the handlebars have to be one of the components that riders like to customise the most. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to MX bars; whether it’s crossbar or no crossbar, high bend, low bend, raw or coloured, oversized… the list goes on.

Motocross handlebar technology is constantly developing and many brands now have their own unique bends and design features to help improve handling and attempt to reduce fatigue / arm pump, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on what moto handlebar company’s are developing next.

See below for our picks of the top five motocross handlebars for 2019.

Pro Taper Fuzion MX Handlebars

The Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebar is one of the top MX handlebars in the game. The revolutionary flex locking system allows riders to choose between a stiffer, more controlled handlebar feel and a softer, more shock-absorbing feel, depending on terrain conditions. Changing the bar from “Locked” to “Unlocked” takes only seconds. The bar itself utilizes ProTaper’s exclusive aluminum alloy computer-profiled in a 5mm wall design for the ultimate in lightweight strength.


  • “Unlocked” function allows the crossbar to telescope and flex like a Contour or EVO ProTaper handlebar
  • “Locked” function connects the crossbar, creating solid, predictable feedback for the rider
  • 1⅛” tubing at the clamping area
  • Made from proprietary 5mm 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy for superior tensile and yield strength
  • Cold-forged aluminum crossbar
  • Crossbar clamps CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and adhered with aerospace-quality polymer
  • High-tech, stress-relieved, shot-peened and anodized finish for unmatched durability
  • Clutch-side knurling provides maximum grip adhesion
  • Chemically applied cut lines and alignment grid are scratch- and peel-resistant
  • Plastic bar end plugs keep the elements out and provide a stronger base for grip ends
  • Weighs only 2.1 lbs. (953 grams) without bar pad
  • Bar pad included

Price: $129.99

More info: www.protaper.com

Renthal Twinwall MX Handlebars

Used by moto legends like Jeremy McGrath, the Renthal – TwinWall Handlebar is the go-to MX handlebars for pro and amateur motocross racers across the world. Renthal’s revolutionary double-tube TwinWall construction makes this the strongest and safest handlebar available. These motocross bars are made with an ultra-high strength, hard anodized Aluminum Alloy double tubing, that increases wear resistance, strength and durability. Along with that, the Renthal – TwinWall Handlebars are inspired by aircraft designs that make this one of the lightest motocross handlebars on the market.


  • 1 1/8″ clamping area reduces slippage
  • A notch-resistant aluminum alloy exterior wall
  • Ultra-high strength aluminum alloy interior tube
  • Lightweight single bolt clamp and brace system
  • Hard anodized interior tube for extra wear resistance
  • Knurling at the left grip area to help stop grip slippage
  • Laser-marked positioning grid
  • Shot-peened finish, anodized, corrosion-resistant finish on exterior tube

Price: $122.95

More info: www.renthal.com

Tag Metals T1 MX Handlebars

Created from 1.125 oversized 2014 aerospace T6 aluminum, tapered to 7/8”, the Tag T1 MX bars Offer prefect blend of strength to weight ratio. Manufactured using the highest level of craftsmanship and engineering, the new Oversized Tag T1 MX handlebars pack a real punch. A closed cell hi impact X bar pad and Non- fade team graphics add to the list of great features you get with the T1.

With 6 factory replica bends available along with a range of new colourways, there’s plenty of bar options available.


  • Extruded from aerospace grade 2014-T6 aluminum
  • 4.0mm wall tube double-butted aluminum design gives extra strength, added feel and saves weight where it is needed
  • Anodized finish adds a comprehensive layer for maximum durability
  • Laser etched positioning grid is impervious to wear and chemicals
  • Tapered outer wall 1-1/8” to 7/8” for use with standard sized grips and controls
  • Knurled left grip area to help reduce slippage
  • Tech spec call outs on bar in wrap design
  • End plugs to increase grip life keep debris and glue out of the bar
  • Includes a crossbar pad

Price: $119.95

More info: www.tagmetalsracing.com

Neken Radical MX Handlebars

The super-lightweight Neken Radical MX Handlebars are some of the most technologically advanced MX bars out there. Since 1990, NEKEN has been developed its knowledge and innovating handlebar technology. Pair with the Neken hydraulic triple clamp for the ultimate set-up to help combat arm-pump and offer precision control. Many MX teams have chosen NEKEN handlebars, including the Red Bull Factory KTM team.


  • 7010 T6 aluminium aerospace quality
  • Oversize made with a variable diameter and a variable thickness
  • Diameter 28,6 mm in the mounting area
  • Diameter 22 mm in the grip area
  • 40% lighter and stronger than a classic bar
  • Laser marking for better handlebar centering and indexation
  • Knurled clutch side for better grip hold
  • Bar pad included


Price: $114.95

More info: www.nk-neken.com

ODI CFT Podium MX Handlebars

The Newest ODI MX Handlebars featuring the Patent Pending CFT crossbar system are a serious contender in the MX handlebar market right now. The PODIUM bar is constructed of a 2014-T6 alloy to provide added strength without compromising on weight. Focusing more on racers and those riders looking for the perfect balance between strength and comfort, the Podium has been vigorously tested by top supercross and motocross racers to achieve the highest levels of control possible.


  • Controlled Flex Technology crossbar
  • 1 1/8″ clamp diameter (requires “oversized” triple clamps or bar mounts
  • Stealth black graphics
  • Knurled left slide helps with grip bar adhesion
  • Constructed of 2014-T6 alloy for added strength
  • Includes crossbar pad available in 7 color options

Price: 129.95

More info: www.odigrips.com